Transforming DTC Sales for a South Florida Art and Lifestyle Brand


Our client, a flourishing art and lifestyle brand in South Florida, aimed to capture life’s most exquisite moments and avant-garde objects through their products. Faced with a decline in Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales, they sought a turnaround by overhauling their online store and harnessing the advanced capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

Tools & Technologies

Challenges Faced:

The primary challenge for the client revolved around the decline in DTC sales. To address this, our focus was on revamping their online store and maximizing the potential of the Salesforce platform.

Results Achieved:


The implementation of these strategic changes led to remarkable improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs) for the online store:

Average Order Value (AOV): Witnessed a significant increase, indicating higher value transactions per customer.

Clickthrough Rates (CTR): Showed improvement, reflecting a more engaging and navigable online experience.

Traffic to Destination Pages: Experienced a boost, signifying increased user interest and exploration of the website.

Cart Abandonment Rate: Markedly reduced, indicating a smoother and more effective checkout process.

Conversion Rate: Saw a substantial improvement, reflecting a higher percentage of visitors converting into customers.

In conclusion, our strategic interventions and optimizations not only reversed the declining trend in DTC sales for the client but also resulted in a substantial enhancement across various key metrics, contributing to the overall success of the online store.

Our Solutions:

Redesigned Online Store Sections: We strategically redesigned multiple sections of the online store to enhance the overall customer experience.

Page Speed Optimization: Through back-end optimizations on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we significantly improved page speed, ensuring a seamless and swift browsing experience for users.

Mobile Optimization: The entire website underwent optimization for mobile devices, catering to the growing segment of users accessing the platform through smartphones and tablets.

UI Enhancements: Key UI changes were implemented across the Homepage, Category, Product listing, description pages, and the checkout process, contributing to a substantial improvement in user experience.

Pop-ups and CTAs Optimization: We re-configured pop-ups and Calls to Action (CTAs) in alignment with best practices, ensuring a more user-friendly and engaging interaction.

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