Innovative Drowsiness Prevention System for Safer Driving


In response to the critical issue of drowsiness affecting drivers, we developed a groundbreaking recommendation system, an Orchestrator, designed to prevent sleepiness while driving.

Tools & Technologies

Challenges Faced:

Our solution involved utilizing Amazon DeepLens for continuous user monitoring. If the system detected signs of drowsiness or sleepiness on the user’s face, it triggered an event sent to the AWS cloud. Our engine, connected to AWS, then invoked an Alexa Skill, an Amazon voice assistant, guiding users to the nearest coffee shop. This project, an MVP, relied heavily on research and development efforts.

Results Achieved:

The implementation of this pioneering system has yielded significant results:

  1.  User Safety: By monitoring users through DeepLens and integrating systems effectively, we have contributed to the daily safety of hundreds of thousands of users.
  2. Timely Intervention: The system’s ability to detect drowsiness and guide users to a nearby coffee shop ensures timely intervention, preventing potential accidents caused by driver fatigue.

In conclusion, our innovative approach to drowsiness prevention leverages cutting-edge technology, making driving safer and more secure for users daily. This MVP, rooted in research and development, marks a significant step forward in enhancing road safety.


Our Solutions:

  1. Continuous User Monitoring: Leveraging Amazon DeepLens, our system continuously monitored users during their driving experience.  
  2. Drowsiness Detection: The DeepLens technology was programmed to identify signs of drowsiness or sleeping on the driver’s face.
  3. Event Transmission to AWS Cloud: Detected events were transmitted to the AWS Cloud, forming a crucial link in our innovative system.
  4. AWS Cloud Integration: The AWS Cloud seamlessly integrated with our system, ensuring smooth communication and data flow.
  5. Integration with Alexa Skill: Our system was configured to trigger an Alexa Skill, providing real-time guidance to users experiencing drowsiness.
  6. Navigation Assistance: The system had the capability to command Google or Alexa Maps to locate the nearest coffee shop or restaurant for the driver.
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