Enhancing Marketing ROI through CRM Optimization


In the pursuit of maximizing marketing spend efficiency, our focus was on optimizing data structures and refining data-capturing mechanisms to bolster Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Tools & Technologies

Challenges Faced:

The client’s requirements extended beyond a typical CRM system. They needed a comprehensive solution that not only measured the return on marketing investments but also efficiently managed a high volume of inbound leads. The solution had to encompass a sophisticated qualification process, including call scripting, follow-ups, lead scoring, document fulfillment, and automated case assignment. Additionally, seamless communication between the law firm and its affiliates was crucial for ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Results Achieved:


The implementation of our solution using Salesforce brought about significant improvements:

Enhanced Performance: The client experienced faster and more reliable performance, attributed to streamlined operator scripts and workflows within the CRM system.

Increased Uptime: The 24-hour call center observed a substantial increase in uptime, contributing to enhanced productivity. This improvement was facilitated by the smooth operation of the implemented CRM system.

Third-Party Integrations: The availability of third-party integrations further boosted productivity within the call center, providing the team with additional tools and functionalities.

In conclusion, our approach to optimizing data structures and implementing an advanced CRM system not only met the client’s complex requirements but also resulted in tangible benefits such as improved performance, increased uptime, and enhanced productivity for their marketing operations.

Our Solutions:

To address these challenges, we adopted an iterative, prototype-centric approach to develop a robust CRM system from the ground up. Our solution leveraged out-of-the-box Salesforce capabilities and Salesforce App Exchange partner technology. Creative application of custom code was employed to seamlessly integrate all components.

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